Cat Clinics

We are now offering periods of time where we see only cat patients for appointments

We are now offering  periods of time within the working day where we see only cat patients for appointments (except in emergencies where we will see all patients). Vet Julie, who is holds a certificate in Feline Medicine, and Nurse Clare, who has a Certificate in Feline Nursing and an Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour, will be joining forces to offer the best care for your furry feline friends.

We will be running cat clinics with Julie and Clare at our Wells branch on Wednesdays from 1pm - 3pm and nurse only clinics with Clare, at Holt every other Thursday 1pm-2pm. Please call reception for more information.

Why are we doing this?

It is incredibly stressful for many cats to be transported, let alone come into a busy vet practice where there are dogs and other animals present too. While we try to minimise these stresses as much as possible by suggesting cat owners sit in the quiet corner of the practice, cover the carriers, and use aids such as Feliway spray to help reduce anxiety, keeping a set time period just for cats where we can keep the practice quiet and calm helps to make the whole experience less stressful for both our patients and their owners.

Why are we not doing this for dogs?

The majority of our patients are dogs, and we do not find the same level of anxiety occurs when a dog sees a cat patient as it does the other way round. We have got plenty of advice for owners who are worried about bringing their nervous dog into the practice – just ask one of our friendly team!

What if my dog is ill during the time you are running the cat clinics?

We will still see urgent and emergency cases of all species we are able to treat during these times – please do not worry. We will likely just invite you to come in through a different door so as not to upset any cats in the waiting room.

What sort of services will you be offering?

During this time you will be able to book in your cat for any reason, whether that is for their routine vaccinations, nail clips, weight checks, or whether you are concerned about a specific problem with your pet.


Remember we offer designated diabetic clinic appointments, senior health check appointments, hyperthyroid checks, blood pressure measurement, behaviour assessments etc.


International Cat Care recommend that all feline patients are health checked at least every 6 months, with kittens being checked monthly for changes in weight.