What to do in the event of an emergency


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A vet and nurse are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Out-of-hours emergencies is covered by The Grove Veterinary Hospital in Fakenham.


See OOH page for full info.


Out of Hours Information

If your animal has a wound

If your animal has a wound, it is always best to have it treated as soon as possible. Try to prevent the wound from becoming contaminated e.g. by placing a temporary cover or bandage over it. If the wound is bleeding, use a clean piece of paper towel or cloth to apply pressure directly over the wound.

For snake bites

For snake bites, contact the surgery as soon as possible and bring the animal straight in to the surgery.
Never attempt to apply a tourniquet or try to extract the venom. This usually makes things worse.

Road traffic accident

If an animal has been involved in a road traffic accident, phone the surgery as quickly as possible, deal with wounds as described above and bring the animal straight into the surgery. If the animal has suspected fractures it is best to slide something under the animal (eg a sheet) and use this to lift the animal.

If your animal has been poisoned

If you think your animal has been poisoned please contact the surgery as quickly as possible. If you know what the poison is, please tell the vet. If the poison has a box or container, it is extremely useful if you bring this to the surgery with you.

Post-operation concerns

If your animal’s bandage has slipped, got wet or seems uncomfortable, please contact the surgery as soon as possible. Bandages can become a serious problem if they are left alone if they have slipped, got wet or if it seems to cause your pet discomfort.

We always use appropriate levels of pain relief but if your pet seems to be in discomfort following a procedure, please contact us as soon as possible.

If your pet has a surgical wound and is paying it too much attention (e.g. licking or scratching it), please contact the surgery as soon as possible. A t-shirt can work well to cover a wound on a pet’s side or tummy. A small sock can be used to cover a sore paw.