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Information on pet travel and Animal Health Certificates

Are you taking your pet abroad or preparing to move away with your pet or export an animal from the UK?

The rules have changed post BREXIT and the requirements vary depending on where you are travelling to. An appointment with one of our OV certified vet (Official Vet) will help you go through all of the requirements to travel abroad and will help you plan the process. We recommend contacting the surgery a minimum of 3-4 weeks before your planned travel to start the process, as travel abroad can involve some lengthy preparations.

Unlike the old Pet Passport system, you will now require an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) every time you travel in the European Union. This certificate is valid for a specific length of time to cover a single trip only, if travelling outside of the European Union with your pet you will need an EHC (Export Health Certificate).

The AHC is valid for 4 months for onward travel within Europe and return to the UK.

There are four easy steps to getting an Animal Health Certificate:

  • Step 1

    Ensure your pet is microchipped.

  • Step 2

    Ensure your pet is vaccinated against Rabies*.

  • Step 3

    Ensure a minimum of 21 days elapses between the date of the Rabies vaccination and the date of travel. 

  • Step 4

    Get an Animal Health Certificate signed by an Official Vet - the Official Vet will only be able to sign this if you meet the criteria on the previous steps.

*Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old to receive a Rabies vaccination

There are also additional risks to your pet from parasites and diseases that can be encountered abroad that are not in the UK. There will be a requirement to see a vet in the EU to get your pet wormed before returning to the UK at least 24 hours before you travel.

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The requirements of an EHC (Export Health Certificate)  depend on the country you are travelling to and may require further blood tests, if travelling by air we would recommend contacting Pet Air UK, which specialises in the export of pets. More details of this service can be found on their website -

Being well informed is vital, it is your own responsibility to ensure that you comply with all requirements and regulations for each country you visit but we will be here to help you navigate these requirements.

More information can be found via the link below:

Taking your pet dog, cat or ferret abroad: Overview - GOV.UK (