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Please Note:

We can only provide medication for pets that have been seen by a vet within the last 6 months. If your pet has not been seen by a vet in the last six months, please contact us to make an appointment before ordering any products. 

If your pet has been seen in the last 6 months:

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Prescriptions – Medication and Food

When you lead a busy life, it can be hard to fit everything into the working day.

With our online medication ordering service and telephone request (option 2), you can order repeat prescriptions and many routine items, such as flea and worm treatments, quickly and easily at any time - all you need to do is click on the link on the website home page.

Please allow three working days for us to process any orders. We will call, text or email you when they are ready to be collected.

Under the UK law, only veterinary surgeons are allowed to prescribe (POM-V) medications for your pet. Our veterinary surgeons under these legislations can prescribe these treatments but regular health checks/reviews must be performed. At Glaven Vets our policy is to carry out a medication review (consultation) every 6 months. This is to ensure your pet is still in good health and on the most appropriate treatment, dose and regime. This sometimes includes blood sampling, blood pressure readings or other monitoring tests.

In some cases, (medications known as controlled drugs) and depending on the patient's condition and type of medication, a shorter interval will be required.  You will be advised when your next review appointment is due.

There is a reduced fee for repeat prescription re-examinations, £55.00 (inclusive of VAT).  

If your pet is signed up to our monthly Pet Health Club, the inclusive 6-month health check can be used for their prescription re-examination (if this falls at the same time) at no extra cost to you. This can be taken 6 months after you pet's annual vaccination.  Pet Health Club pets receive a 20% discount on certain long-term medications.

For antimicrobial medicines (includes antibiotics), pets are required to have a veterinary examination before re-dispensing each antibiotic course, due to changes to the regulations in January 2024, we are no longer able to dispense these medicines based on past clinical history.  

Legislation requires that, a vet examination is also required for most effective parasiticide medications (against fleas / ticks and worms), to authorise these medications for the following 12 months.  Where the product choice is changed, another examination will be necessary.  These requirements can be authorised at any consultation with a veterinary surgeon, e.g. at the time of annual vaccination or six-month PHC health check.  Where these types of medications are not classified as veterinary prescription (POM-V / NFA-VPS), alternatives can be dispensed by our nursing staff.

Written Prescriptions

You can request a written prescription for some of your pet's medication.  We can only do this for animals under our care.  Written prescriptions may be used to obtain medication from another vet or pharmacy. A written prescription does incur a fee; however, we do offer a reduced price for subsequent items that are requested at the same time for the same pet.

Written prescription fee £27.00

Each additional item: £18.50

As with other repeat prescriptions, your pet may need to see one of our veterinary surgeons for a medication check before we can issue the written prescription. We also ask for three working days’ notice to prepare your written prescription.

Payment is required before your written prescription is handed to you or sent directly to the online pharmacy, please advise us of your choice. If we send them directly to the online pharmacy we will need an email and an order number /account number. We are unable to email written prescriptions directly to clients.

If sending the prescription to the pharmacy please ensure they have the full details to include the signature of the vet.

Refunds cannot be issued on Written Prescriptions once processed.

Written prescriptions can in some circumstances be written for two uses, this will depend on the patient’s medication and interval for further examination.

Written prescriptions are usually valid for 6 months in the case of POM-V medication (unless a shorter period is stated).  Written prescriptions for controlled drugs are valid for 28 days (unless a shorter period stated). The prescription will state how many times it can be used – known as repeats.

Written prescriptions for parasite medication can in some cases, be written for a 12 months’ supply but are only valid for 6 months, meaning you must purchase all you need within this 6-month period.  Please ask at the time of request.

Medication such as controlled drugs, will be for one use only.  The quantity will be restricted to a 28-day prescription at any one time.

The pharmacy will make a separate charge on top of the prescription fee for the cost of the medication.

We advise when sourcing veterinary prescriptions that they are from a VMD accredited retailer. Internet retailers of veterinary medicines can apply to be accredited under the VMD’s Accredited Internet Retailer Scheme (AIRS).

Retailers who meet the accreditation criteria will be able to display the VMD’s internet retailer logo on their website.

A list of accredited retailers is available at: 

Please be aware that under the UK's VETERINARY MEDICINES REGULATIONS it is illegal for us to use or resell medicines that have left our premises. We regret that this means we cannot accept returned medications (even unopened) except for disposal and, therefore, we cannot offer you any refund of the purchase price.

Drug & Food Collection

Please note: Due to the restrictions on returning products to our wholesalers and space to store stock, we request that your pet’s food is collected within 7 days of placing your order. If you change your mind after ordering, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid being charged for unopened food. Please do so within the 7 days of ordering. Returned food should be in the condition it was sold.

Any medication not collected will be returned to stock after 1 week have lapsed. We will text you to remind you that it needs collecting.

Purina and Royal Canin offer a 100% money back guarantee on all their foods. In this instance, please return your pet’s food to us (opened and unopened food) as soon as possible so we can make a refund claim on your behalf.

Prices correct at time of publishing May 2024